Essay: Disasters in US and Measures Taken

14 Dec

Essay: Disasters in US and Measures Taken

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The government fails to respond in an effective and efficient manner resulting in greater insecurity amongst young vulnerable students. If the government took this matter seriously the first time around the incident would not have occurred again and a lot of lives would have been saved. Similarly when America is hit by hurricanes, tornados or when fire breaks out or any other natural calamity, the government has to be quick and responsive and deal with such chaotic situations in a way so that its people feel secure despite whatever happens.

Therefore going to war is not the only way to buy security for its people and other domestic issues have to be dealt with as well and given the same amount of priority as defense and war is. For this the government has to first of all apply the apathy factor. One of the social realities to be faced in disaster planning is that the general attitude toward disaster preparedness is characterized by apathy (Auf Der Heide). It has to understand and feel the levels of disasters and the necessities of being prepared and then dealing with it after it has occurred. Public apathy, as well as economic restraints, is reflected in a lack of political support for disaster preparedness. Programs have been difficult to initiate or maintain unless they have been demanded by the citizens or mandated by law and paid for by the state or federal government (Auf Der Heide) . in order to overcome these expected or unexpected incidents, the government has to be aware, be prepared and have immediate implementations to make sure that such incidents do not occur again.

Sadly, however the government is bent upon increasing it’s funding for war and conveniently choosing to ignore what anybody has to say or think. Despite protestsAmericawent to war with bothIraqandAfghanistanincreasing its defense budget significantly and paying little or no attention towards its homeland security.

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