Essay: Digitization of Books

17 Oct

Essay: Digitization of Books

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Digitization of books ensures that a more reliable and much stronger form of books does exist. Online backup, back up of books on hard disks and on other storage devices and online backup enables the information being store to be available for future use (Thompson 2005).

This also ensures that back up could be done on hardcopy materials. Such forms of storage ensure that there exists proper storage of information that adequately caters for any emergency.

In cases where there is any destructions made on the digital materials, backed up information enhances better security of information. The future of books seem to depend on the fact that storage of information is much easier as much less space is required for storage of books in the digital formats (Birkerts 1994).

To ensure that more publishers and authors are encouraged to continue investing in the books production sector, it has been made possible to ensure that online sales of the written materials take place. Books published can now be sold online thus ensuring that the authors get their dues. Online payment methods and sales points ensure that potential clients purchase and pay for books online. Credit and wireless payment systems have also been facilitated thus ensuring those transactions between customers and the owners of the books.

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