Essay: Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Bill C32 in Canada

15 Oct

Essay: Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Bill C32 in Canada

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New copyright legislation has been introduced on Canada, which is likely to legalize activities such as copying a CD but end up prohibiting the breaking digital locks placed on gadgets and the media. This legislation called bill C-32, proposes enshrining in law some measures as follows.

The first is express legalization of format shifting, that is to copy content from one device to another for instance CD to a computer or an iPod. In addition, it directly allows for time shifting for example the recording television programs to be viewed later but should not be for the purposes of building up a library (Rosen 30). In addition, another area catered for in this legislation is the allowing of consumers to make a back up copy of the content to secure against damage or loss. This measure is aimed at ensuring that the consumers do not end up suffering losses as a result of the information they had saved digitally getting lost and leaving them without any other source of the same information.. It further provides for a YouTube clause to allow individuals to mash up media during certain circumstances so long it is not for commercial gain. Another area is a notification program whereby the copyright holders inform the internet service providers that their client is suspected of pirating copyrighted material.

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