Essay: Diffusion of Responsibility

17 Oct

Essay: Diffusion of Responsibility

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Diffusion of responsibility refers to the feeling that perpetrator’s role in collective violence is insignificant to crime sustainability or stoppage (Kelman1958).

While on the other hand, deindividuation is where perpetrators transfer responsibility of performing crime to another person whom in their view is more responsible for facilitating crime continuation than them (Kelman1958). For instance, some of the Nazi Germany junior officials who were interviewed or interrogated according to Levi (1973), on their participation, they often respond that they were just a cog in the Nazi machine and therefore, they have no responsibility as even without them genocide would have taken place still. Such sentiment does not in any way reflect obedience or compliance to authority. Thus, many scholars these mechanisms were center to Shoa genocide since Final Solution was overwhelmingly received.

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