Essay: Difficulties faced by international students

29 May

Essay: Difficulties faced by international students

Sample Essay

While this may sound idealistic, there are many other reasons why students choose to study away from home. In this exercise I have tried to gauge the reasons why students opt for overseas study, and what, if any, difficulties they face in being international students.

My key questions which I strived to answer through this research were:

  1. Is studying overseas a good way of having a life experience?
  2. Is it right that if students did not achieve their goals they still get the benefits of what they learnt?
  3. What kind of knowledge will they get?
  4. Is there any specific time that students should spend in a foreign country to get the experience?

In striving to write this paper I developed a questionnaire which was distributed to 20 people of which 19 participated. Along with this, I also went through secondary sources to see what literature already exists in regards to this.

According to a book titled, ‘Asian students’ classroom communication patterns in U.S. universities: an emic perspective’ (Liu, 2001), the author says that among the reasons for students choosing to study abroad, particularly Asian students in the USA, was the fact that it was considered prestigious to have a foreign degree. Moreover, in the 1990s most of the students migrating from Asian countries were looking for opportunities of better education – opportunities that did not exist in their own countries. Even today many students from developing countries head to the developed nations to get a better education than is available in their home countries.

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