Essay: Difficult Situation While Making a Choice

17 Oct

Essay: Difficult Situation While Making a Choice

Sample Essay

The three narrators are faced with difficult situations of making a choice in their lives. All the three make choices that many would have feared to do in their circumstances. This shows that it is important for every member of the society to do what he or she thinks is right.

Sammy risks his job by siding with the girls whereas Hughes writes about his feelings as a black student though he knows it might attract further segregation. Frost chooses to follow the road that has no footsteps because he is not ready to do what everyone else is doing for the sake of it. Making decisions that will help a person in future is good idea. Though the ideas in the Updike’s story and Hughes’ poem are clear for everyone to see, in Frost’s poem the idea is not that clear. One has to look at the poem critically in order to understand what the poet is saying. He is not talking about roads but he is talking about making the right decisions.

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