Essay: Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD in children

17 Oct

Essay: Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD in children

Sample Essay

It is recommended by theAmericanAcademyof Pediatrics that diagnosis of ADD/ADHD should be done through the following means

              i.      Through examination medically and the study of family background. This will help determine whether any member in the victim’s lineage had been in the same condition before, this aims at tracing the cause of the condition to inheritance.

            ii.      There should be wholesome physical and mental examination to establish possible n neurological malfunctioning as the causal factor.

          iii.      An interview with the child, his/her parents and other significant people could provide leading predictions.

          iv.      An effective screening tool could possibly identify ADD/ADHD and its characteristics.

            v.      Observation of the child’s behavior characteristics

          vi.      Diverse psychological examinations aimed at establishing mental, social and emotional maladjustments.

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