Essay: Development resultant of Chauri-Chaura

17 Oct

Essay: Development resultant of Chauri-Chaura

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The hope that other development resultant of Chauri-Chaura would be an impediment to the Hindu and Indian Muslims togetherness never came to pass. In this case therefore, this interpretation by the imperialists’ backfired. Indeed, the two groups remained united in their quest for freedom.

The Muslims and Indians had almost the same interpretation based on the fact that members from both sides were killed by the police prior to the event. They started various riots on the pretext such as a Muslim holiday near mosques or during Hindu religious celebrations especially those that proceeded in Muslim neighborhoods. This enhanced their working together in their quest to drive the imperialists away (Shahid 219). The Muslim community’s atonement of their killing of Hindus in the pretext of Quranic law was initiated by the Chauri- Chaura event. The interpretation thereof was that the end of internal conflict was imminent and they had to fight one common enemy –the imperialists. The interpretation from these groups was that there was a common goal to work for better lives through the driving away of the imperialists.

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