Essay: Developing professional practice

14 Oct

Essay: Developing professional practice

Sample Essay

In all areas of expertise, technical skills of the profession are important in order to be able to tackle any arising matters in your field. As a student in psychology there is need to learn how to acquire the skills which are crucial for your profession. During placement, a lot is expected of you as you act like any other professional in that field. It is therefore of prime importance to develop the skills necessary for that professional practice. Reflection in practice is one of the skills necessary as a student of psychology. Reflective practice is a model applied in adult learning and educational teaching where there is application of various concepts of reflection to analyze real issues.

According to Reid (1993, p.305), reflection involves critical understanding any experience that a professional goes through with an intention of giving a vivid description, an in depth analysis and latter conduct an evaluation. This will provide an avenue to be able to gauge what the learner has acquired as a result of the practice. The aim of reflective practice is to create a problem out of a learning situation. The act of solving the problem will provide the professionals with a good opportunity to research therefore acquire relevant knowledge and growth in their profession. Reflective practice imparts skills to learners not only to become a repetitive doer but also gain cognition of tackling different situations during practice.  Donald Schon, a philosopher is credited to have described the process of reflective practice in his book in 1983. This essay gives a description of my plan to develop professional practice during my first placement experience.

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