Essay: Determinants of Morality

17 Oct

Essay: Determinants of Morality

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Morality, since time immemorial, has succumbed to a pluralistic interpretation. This is because of the diverse perspectives that have been used in determining what is moral or what is immoral. These diversity of interpretation, therefore, leads to different ethical/moral theories that are used as determinants of morality, for example, moral objectivism, utilitarianism, ethical relativism, moral subjectivism, Christian morality and consequential morality just to mention a few.

Every category of the abovementioned theories in morality has its peculiar belief on what really is the arche of morality as they do not settle for one primordial determinant or source. This study will focus on divinity vis a vis secularity in respect to the principles of morality. In a bid to establish the creator of moral principles, views of various proponents such as Immanuel Kant and his moral argument, Thomas Aquinas, Plato and his doctrine of Participation, David Hume, Thomas Hobbes and his doctrine of the Leviathan will be considered.  Eventually, a synthesis of the aforementioned ethical/moral theories will be demonstrated. In general, the main emphasis in the study, is to establish the why of morality; in other words, the origin of morality.

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