Essay: Detection and Response to Transnational crimes

17 Oct

Essay: Detection and Response to Transnational crimes

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The 21st century has seen drastic changes within the nature and scope of the crimes committed. These Transnational crimes are a daunting challenge to the global security agencies, but by the fact that the government has to protect the interest of their citizens; there is urgent need for intelligence in order to combat transnational crimes actors and cartels (Beck 2006).

However these challenges posed by the kind and level of crime committed can be taken as opportunities for the police unit to improve their detection and responsiveness towards them. For instance the crimes related to terrorism the policing unit has adopted new tools of design to combat the criminals who perpetrate terror activities. In this regard the police force within the border has tightened the border security with identity protocols, information sharing and racial profiling use in combating the terror suspects and gangs.


Secondly, the policing unit has developed a network of control measures that has significantly improved law. This is because global planned crimes require global collaboration with the security agencies globally to combat these Transnational crimes (Simon 2001). Therefore the nature of policing in the era of challenging international crimes is characterised by collaboration and sharing of intelligence related information amongst police forces of cross borders. In effort to assist the police to combat these crimes the legal perspective has been a necessarily fundamental. Whereby law is developed that facilitates exchange of intelligence, simplify extradition arrangements between states, investigations into and recovery of the proceeds of crime and application of mutual assistance arrangements.

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