Essay: Detailed Analysis of “The Wife of Bath”

11 Dec

Essay: Detailed Analysis of “The Wife of Bath”

Sample Essay

The Wife of Bath is, as a matter of fact, declaring that it is better for a young girl to devote herself to God than to a struggle that can be fruitful or fruitless, depending on the circumstances and the man she connects with.  Of course, victory in this case also depends on the girl in question.

The Wife of Bath may perhaps believe that all females would not be as aggressive as she in dealing with their mates.  She is extraordinary in this case, and realizes that there is weakness in most females – weakness that was the only reason why men were expected to show superiority over women in every way, in the first place.  All females were not charismatic.  The Wife of Bath knows that women have been referred to as the weaker sex, and therefore she would like girls to keep themselves far away from this description by not having intimate engagements with men at all.

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