Essay: Design of Team

17 Oct

Essay: Design of Team

Sample Essay

Submission of joint monthly report is another strength which the tem would have maximized its benefits. It provided a platform on which to exchange of ideas, views and skills on how best to organize the operations of the business.

The other strength of the team is that authority and power was vested in this team. The team members were given the authority and power to make decisions within themselves provided that they would achieve the goals of the team. The ability to control the matters of the team and reorganize itself ought to have been utilized in enabling the proper coordination of the companies’ monthly report in a much better.

The design of the team enhances great flexibility of work of the members. Team members freely work with minimal or no supervision thus an individual may design his or her own work schedule which would in turn facilitate proper delivery of services. The lack of constant follow up within the team provides the team members with the much freedom which is normally desired by members of teams.  People could choose their own working hours and days so long as the actual duties they perform are done in a timely manner and networking with the rest of the team members.

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