Essay: Description of Domino Pizza Corporate Objectives

17 Oct

Essay: Description of Domino Pizza Corporate Objectives

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The corporate objectives of a firm determine its success or failure since they are the ones, which should guide all the employees in the mode to do business.

In order to remain in the market and maintain its market share bearing in mind that Pizza hut its is biggest competitor, Domino Pizza has a well defined  vision, “Exceptional People On A Mission To Be The Best Pizza Delivery Company In The World” and strong mission statement that states, “Sell more pizza, have more fun” ( This mission statement has helped it gain its large market share and even became the largest pizza delivery firm in the world. In order for Domino to attain this great move, the mission statement has been incorporated with very strong and vision corporate objectives. These corporate objectives include;

  • The main corporate objective is to create a long-term value for the shareholders
  • Having quality service to all the customers in a timely manner
  • Allowing the customers to place orders and receive updates especially on delivery through their mobiles

Increasing its sales and thus its revenues and net income, Dominos has not done financially well in 2009 as it did in 2008 as it is evidenced by a drop of 1.5% in revenues, 2.8% decrease in the operating income. However, there has been great change in the net profit for it has increased by 47.8.

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