Essay: Depression amongst Western and Non Western; Research

9 Dec

Essay: Depression amongst Western and Non Western; Research

Sample Essay

Western and non western cultures both differ in their perceptions about depression as a disease. Different cultures may feel that depression is a problem but western cultures are more likely to view it as a disease which needs medical therapy just like any other, whereas the people from the non western culture will perceive depression as more of a social and moral problem which requires self-management.

There will generally lack of knowledge about depression as a disease in the non western community.  The false beliefs and stigmas will be more present in non western cultures as compared to their western counterparts. 

For Quantitative data such as age, the student’s t test will be used as the samples will be normally distributed.  For qualitative or categorical data, since there are only 2 variables that are being tested, Chi square test will be used. The data can also be analyzed using SPSS 10. Missing or incomplete data will be removed.

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