Essay: Depression and Stress

17 Oct

Essay: Depression and Stress

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Additionally, the internalization of the opponent’s image is not achieved either. As a result, the person experiences a persistent feeling of depression and stress. This is contrary to the expected mourning of active depression that is related to affection feelings and love for the other (Wolf, 2001).

Further, paranoid feelings that accompany the resultant depression lead to persecutory feelings that alienate the person’s inner self from the external world (Lerner, 1990). This then results in disregard of others that could genuinely love and have concern for the individual.

It should be noted that anger plays a fundamental role in internal healing but this is usually affected by rage. In this regard, Wolf (2001) shows that whilst anger is essential for healing, rage on the other hand is destructive. In other words, rage implies a destructive form of anger that inhibits complete expression of negative feelings. These feelings are often embedded in the internal self that needs complete recovery to be experienced. Therefore, an individual should be encouraged to express the feelings of anger and abstain from rage in order to have peace at mind and recover accordingly. Sehl (1994) affirms that failure to this may result in hatred and other destructive feelings that highly compromise the health of the individual as well as the relationships after the loss. It is in this consideration that Wolf (2001) encourages the therapists to help the patients to manage their anger to prevent it into developing into destructive rage.

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