Essay: Depression; its Implications

8 Dec

Essay: Depression; its Implications

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People are unaware of the magnitude of the problem and its economic implications. In certain cultures, inability to diagnose the disease or disregard of its seriousness leads to delayed medical opinion and treatment. By conducting our study, we will try to substantiate, that different cultures have varying awareness levels and perceptions about the disease.

The severity of depression usually gets aggravated if it is not treated promptly after diagnosis. This leads to a greater burden on the country. Scott J, (2003) echoed this sentiment when he stated “In the National Health Service the cost of treatingdepression (£887 million) exceeds the cost of treatingboth hypertension (£439 million) and diabetes (£300million) However, the directhealth care costs are dwarfed by the indirect costs Days lost from work owing to depression exceedall other disorders and the economic burden on family membersand society is considerable. Thismay account for 60–85% of the total cost of the illnessand represents a significant proportion of the gross nationalproduct” (Scott J, 2003). My research will be able to assess the perceptions different cultures have about depression. This information can be used by media and medical group, to focus on the cultures holding false perceptions. They can enlighten these communities about the real dangers of depression and the need to get proper medical treatment promptly to ensure that the adverse effects of this disease can be avoided.

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