Essay: Demand for Products of Kuiper Leda

17 Oct

Essay: Demand for Products of Kuiper Leda

Sample Essay

This indicates that the demand for the products and services provided by Kuiper Leda Company need to increase to meet this raising needs. The available present statistics reveal that Midland firm only places a total of 250,000 ECUs which is a direct demand to necessitate its powertrain assemblies, while the same company;

Midlandcompany placed an annual order serving as an indirect demand of 35,000 RFID tags. It is evident thatMidlandorders alone are daunting task to be met by the Kuiper Leda Company, yet there are other firms in need of these vital products. Therefore, it’s evident per production capacity of the Kuiper Leda Company currently it can not meet the demand and create a competitive advantage globally. As result, the need to reevaluate the company’s existing supply chain and changes to create an efficient SCM (supply chain management) is invertible.

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