Essay: Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Sample Essay

Artificial Intelligence is defined as a science of making computers do activities that require intelligence when humans do them (Boden, 2000, p. 237). Computers are trained so as to think just like humans. They are programmed to reckon patterns of large and complex data and make complex decisions drawn from human reasoning skills and knowledge.

To be intelligent means to be conscious, be able to think abstractly with self awareness. In this case there should be understanding of a language, reasoning and solving problems  

      AI has had success although in simplified and very limited areas with a slow progress since its debut   in the scientific field in the 1960’s (Benedict, 1992). It has however assisted greatly in various applications in the medicine and agricultural   fields.

      There are two important and frequently used branches of AI: expert systems and neural networks (Benedict, 1992). The expert system contains thinking processes and knowledge obtained from experts then encoded into what is called a knowledge base.  The expert system assist and can replace human experts in arriving at complex decisions via bringing together the knowledge in its base.

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