Essay: Decreasing the Number of Kidney Patients

17 Oct

Essay: Decreasing the Number of Kidney Patients

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Allowing the use of incentives is not only bound to decrease the numbers of patients in waiting lists but it will also cut down on overall expenditure. In comparison with long time dialysis, kidney transplants are relatively less costly.

Postrel (2009, p.7) emphasizes that kidney transplants are estimated to save to almost $100,000 worth of medical costs. Definitely with an increment of these transplants using an incentive system would lead to the saving of more costs. Apart from decreasing these costs, more kidney transplants would lead to an increase in revenue as former patients would resume to work and contribute to the country’s income tax revenues. Kidney transplants offer patients a new lease of life and almost all patients can resume to their normal active lives. Other tangible benefits are also seen in the lives of family members of patients as they are free to resume to their lifestyles which may have been impeded by having to support a kidney patient. Furthermore, medical practitioners stand to gain financial benefits from kidney transplants. Doctors, administrators and staff members whose work depends on the number of transplants will receive payments for each transplant and also get to validate their effectiveness in their professions. Most donor registries which are run by institutions may gain credible reputation with the increment of live donations and subsequent transplants.

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