Essay: Customizing Books

17 Oct

Essay: Customizing Books

Sample Essay

At times there is need to customize the previously written material in order to reflect the needs of a specific group of people. In order to elongate the lifespan of the books, change in the languages is always done. The alteration of the languages helps the audience to easily understand the written materials.

Since communication is a very fundamental tool in ensuring that the lifespan of books is made longer, customizing the books, its language and certain details ensures that the materials become friendlier to the target audience. Interpretations of the languages also help the books to fully fit into the needs of the people (Jeff 2008). For a very long period, the problem of alteration of the intended message has been reported. Some interpreters of the books always change the actual meaning and ideas of the authors leading to lose of the message of the author. At times such misinterpretation leads to total loose of ideas and the message may end up not having any meaning or value. Interpretation of books is normally done with an in-depth consideration of the culture, religion and social perspectives of the people in a given community or region being targeted by the new editions of books.

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