Essay: Current Status Of The Problem in Education in US

4 Dec

Essay: Current Status Of The Problem in Education in US

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In 2003, in order to take stock of the measures implemented since this report was originally published, Hoover Institute’s Koret Task Force on K-12 Education undertook a comprehensive review of students attending the K-12 grade across the nation and the difference that the above-stated reforms had made in their life in terms of the quality of education now available to them as compared to their peers back in 1983.Unfortunately, it stated in its findings that the performance indicators for most public schools had remained stagnant through the years despite the billions of dollars that had been spent under the various reforms undertaken since 1983. (Hayes, 2004).

One major factor that these reforms had failed to take into account was the failure of our educational system to arrive at a consensus on standardizing educational textbooks across all districts of all states of America, and the far-reaching positive consequences such a move could have had in terms of providing students across America with a level playing field.

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