Essay: Current companies that use AI

17 Oct

Essay: Current companies that use AI

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Currently, there are so many companies that employ AI in their operations. These companies have had a lot of success in this field. Many of their products have been used and are still in use today. Some of them include: Sirma AI company which does research and software development and has business process automation, e-commerce, CAD, knowledge management, distributed AI, CASE and text processing. Another company is Abstract Productions Incorporated which deals with provision of knowledge software management based on human memory simulation. Another company, dealing with the ACQUIRE administration line products of customer support nature like web-based applications and in sand- alone is Acquired Intelligence Inc. It also deals with demonstration of downloads and job openings (Nilsson, 1993).

      An American company, American Heuristics Corporations deals with such making pre-employment profiles, intelligence procurement card management system, tax audit screening and a mapping called Adaptive fuzzy feature. Automatic Number Plate Systems Limited is yet another company that uses AI in its operation. It provides systems, automatic in nature, that recognize number plates for vehicle security system applications (Russell,1995). Applied Systems Intelligence develops aircraft displays for the cabins, intelligent controls for automated vehicles, intelligent decisions aids. Another company that stores and avails business knowledge to persons who need it so as improve their business performance is called Assitum and it has the software called ASSITUM that enables the above functions to be carried out. It also helps clients create and customize, modify and maintain their knowledge assets.

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