Essay: Crying during breastfeeding

17 Oct

Essay: Crying during breastfeeding

Sample Essay

This is the time babies are suckling milk from their mother’s breast. It is at this time when a mother’s breast may be producing much more milk than any other time (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2005, p. 496). Therefore, the milk might in one way or the other chock the baby if it is not able to swallow the milk in large quantities as it is released from the mother. As soon as milk ejection reflux is triggered, these mothers produce excessive milk, which becomes more of a bad thing to their babies. This is called overactive letdown reflux. Chocking is obviously imminent as the baby cannot off take the whole load of milk. The baby is therefore forced to cry from chocking, a sign that many mothers associate to their babies’ satisfaction.

Another condition called gastro-esophageal reflux (GER) is a common cause of baby cry during breast-feeding (Neifert, 2009, p. 67). A circular muscle separates the stomach and the esophagus, and it is not yet fully mature in infants. As the baby breastfeeds, stomach contents may end up into the esophagus making the baby throw up. This condition occurs mostly at the final stages of breast-feeding or just after (69). Babies cry much when this occurs since it is painful. Mother’s diets are also a major cause of infant cries during breast-feeding (Goldmann and Horowitz, 2002, p. 116). What mothers include in their diets automatically become of the contributing factors in milk formation in the mammary glands.

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