Essay: Crying in babies up to 18 months after birth

17 Oct

Essay: Crying in babies up to 18 months after birth

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Babies at this age of 0-1 months are the most notorious in crying. According to Christakis and Garrison (2000, p. 188), this is associated with the fact that they are always hungry. New parents suffer this problem most since they cannot establish feeding time immediately they give birth. Crying is the only available way for these babies to communicate and therefore constant crying is more common. Infants below the age of one-month show increased crying patterns from birth for up to six weeks, which is the followed by a gradual decrease until the baby is four months These infants cry more during the day with late afternoon and evenings registering more crying than any other time of the day.

Most parents have found themselves seeking pediatrician assistance for this problem because of fears that their babies might be suffering another serious problem. However, this is not the case as most of this crying is associated with it being the only way to communicate. Babies at this age loose their sleep mostly at night (Hauck et al. 2003, p. 1213). This is manifested by the babies crying as an effort to express their anger from boredom around its environment. We can therefore say that babies at this age cry much and pediatric advice is necessary to reduce crying.

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