Essay: Crying in Babies 1-3 Months Old

17 Oct

Essay: Crying in Babies 1-3 Months Old

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Crying in 1-3 month olds is lesser as babies are at this stage are more aware of their surrounding (Kattwinkle, 1996, p. 1225). They have developed some communication skills, which their mothers have mastered and are able to respond swiftly. Parents are able to control their crying as they can read babies’ behavior. Colic crying happens at this age where the infant may uncontrollably cry. By the time infants are at the age of 3-6 months, crying is slightly less as most infants are able to understand their surrounding (Blair, 1999, p. 1460).

Crying moments reduce even further as infants are between 7-9 moths. However, it is worthy to note that it is at this stage when babies start teething. This may make infants cry even more because of pain in their gums. Crying may reduce after teething although it may extent because of varied growth schedules for different infants. Teething extends into the 10 to one year. Therefore, it remains one of the causes of crying in babies. Main cause of crying in babies is usually associated with known factors such as hunger. It becomes easier for caretakers or mothers to take charge whenever their babies cry. Babies have started developing utterances of a few words and can at times verbally. This is even perfected at 12 to 18 months (Ford, 1993, p. 894). Crying related to infancy almost gone and children can be able to speak and make their demands heard.

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