Essay: Crito’s Political Opinions

17 Oct

Essay: Crito’s Political Opinions

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The general and widely accepted interpretation of Plato’s Crito is that it is a compendium of primordial principles about government. The discussion in regard to laws is believed to be the classic defense of the obligation to comply with the law even in situations where it confers unjust verdicts to its objects.

Law, therefore, remains sovereign in spite of its defective nature. Or better still; there is nothing like unjust laws, all laws are just, it does not matter the impact to the object.

All laws should be upheld first because they are unjust and on the other hand, should be obeyed despite being unjust. They are obeyed because they are duly mandated and enacted laws. In this regard, the question to obey the law or not should not be quelled or determined by their being just or unjust; they should be obeyed as laws and as they are in themselves (Rex 1). This can be linked to the Kantian believe that duty for duty’s sake. Or better still, doing an obligation for the obligation’s sake, no more no less.

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