Essay: The Criminal Sentiments Scale

19 Oct

Essay: The Criminal Sentiments Scale

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The Criminal Sentiments Scale (Andrews, 1985) is a 41-entry self-report inquiry form which measures fundamental dimensions of criminal opinions or attitudes towards the police, forbearance for law violations, law itself and the courts. Criminal Sentiment Scale as a rehabilitative program can be used in Correctional Institutions to predict re-offending risk and evaluate treatment needs of inmates which may vary from acute to chronic, minimal to severe and isolated and pervasive.

Theoretical foundations for risk prediction are important in coming up with an effective assessment method that accurately guides interventions among offenders. Such information can be used to conduct and inform assessment and manage aberrant populations (Andrews et al., 1985; Howells & Day, 1999; Howells, Watt, Hall, & Baldwin, 1997; Monohan, 1996).

By predicting re-offending risk professionals dealing with criminals will be able to understand violence and help manage it, they can also manage anger among inmates and prevent relapses.  For instance, numerous factors have been identified as conjecturers of offending behaviour in juveniles, including contextual and individual factors, such as peers, family and school (Grisso, 1998; Hoge & Andrews, 1985; Loeber & Farrington, 1998). Adolescents with an early history of problematic families and behavioural problems are most likely to develop antisocial behaviours during adulthood.

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