Essay: Criminal records as a pre-requisite for employment

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The 1974 rehabilitation of offenders act in the UK, serve as a disadvantage to ex-offenders in general when it comes to securing job after prison (Ronald, 2006, p. 17). This law requires that all applicants to any positions for consideration submit their criminal records, which should be used to accept or reject applications. This serves as a very huge disadvantage to ex-offenders as their criminal record is obviously tainted by offences that lead to their incarceration. This law establishes a severe psychological tension specifically with male offenders (18) who as in many cases are providers to their families, meaning that seeking employment is in doubt among the first steps to take after imprisonment.

A survey carried out in England in the year 2007 by criminal justice institute of research revealed that 60 percent of employers who hired new worker requested for information regarding applicants pat criminal records (National skills forum, 2007, p. 5). Despite the fact that this decision affected both sexes, male ex-offenders were the most affected as it turned out that more than 70 percent were males. However, some of the interviewed individuals indicated that they had to undergo another scrutiny process on the type of offences they might have committed apart from what was latest (22). A survey carried out in northwest of England in 2009 revealed that approximately 67 percent of employers requested for a criminal record with 60 percent doing the same regardless of the posts these individuals were seeking (Honka et al. 2010, P. 17).

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