Essay: The criminal justice system-suspect

17 Oct

Essay: The criminal justice system-suspect

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I came to realize that after a suspect was arrested, the first stop over was at the police stations where a statement would be recorded after a suspect is informed of the crimes he or she is alleged to have committed. I leant that any suspect is given a right to a fair trial. This was followed by entering a plea where the accused is again re informed on the allegations. This according to the Islamic laws is mandatory before any prosecutions or punishments. The fact is based on ground that the Quran has given an opportunity for warnings before any wrath is expressed (Forte, 1999, P. 19)

It is here that I learnt that it was very important to for the accused to get full details of the accusations failure to which the charge could be dropped. Certain conditions must be fulfilled at this stage including making allegations on grounds that certainty of action to betaken against the suspect is guaranteed (Crystal, 2001, P. 474). The crime must be very well familiar to the jury, allegations must be true, claims need to be clear in a way that good analysis  will automatically yield the truth, meaning that any chances of the allegations being conclusive could wrongfully get the accused convicted.

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