Essay: Crime rate of New Hampshire

12 Oct

Essay: Crime rate of New Hampshire

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For instance, New Hampshire was among the nation’s wealthiest and safest states. New Hampshire’s total crime rate was at 57.9%; its violent crime rate was at 64.1% and its homicide rate was 69.1% which below the national average. Connecticut, which is the nation’s fourth wealthiest state, had a crime rate at 27% and a homicide rate at 52.7% which is below the national average. This dissimilarity is basically to some of the nation’s poorer states such as Georgia, Florida or Louisiana. Louisiana had a crime rate at 27% and a homicide rate at 130.9% which is above the nationwide average and position as the nation’s fourth poorest state with a median household income at 20% which is below the nationwide median.

 Even as these trends hold generally true, it should be noted, that a number of states that fell below the countrywide median for household income such as New York, Maine and Kentucky had also crime rates below the national average, while some of wealthier states such as Maryland and Hawaii had a crime rates above the national average (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005).

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