Essay: Crick and Dodge’s Social Cognition Model

19 Oct

Essay: Crick and Dodge’s Social Cognition Model

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Collectively, the results of this study suggest that many factors are involved in evaluating a response and doing so inappropriately is associated with inappropriate behavior. An overall support for Crick and Dodge’s (1994) model, as well as for the important role that social cognition plays in social behavior, is evident from the research above, which examines processing differences among aggressive and nonaggressive children at each step.

The specific cognitive processing components proposed by this model have been found to be significant predictors of children’s behavioral competence (Dodge and Price, 1994) and to be better predictors than the more global cognitive constructs that were used in earlier work (Crick and Dodge, 1994). Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that measures from each successive step in the model provide unique increments in the prediction of social behavior (Dodge and Price, 1994). In other words, the more that is known about processing characteristics from this model, the better predictions pertaining to social behavior are. In particular, how these cognitive processes are carried out has been a good predictor of children’s perception and judgment of social situations and of how they behave toward other children (e.g.Stromquist and Strauman, 1991 Dodge and Price, 1994).

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