Essay: Counseling in dating

14 Oct

Essay: Counseling in dating

Sample Essay

Partners dating today are exposed to so many resources that help them in their dating through counseling and reading materials. For instance, there are many books and magazines that guide people on healthy dating as well as both private and public counselors in mass media and in health institutions. Again, youths have the freedom to choose partners of their choice compared to the traditional set up where parents gave proposals depending on their interests. This has been backed up by technological advancements whereby there are better communication methods like cell phones and internet.

Today’s dating is also diversified through the help of online dating which has encouraged intermarriage thus breaking the cultural and racial differences while enabling people from different communities understand each other. Unlike traditionally, couples today are not tied up in myths and taboos of their cultures due to the intervention of religious leaders. This includes barriers in the roles of men and women in dating that gives a woman who is more able to take lead in a relationship unlike in the traditional setting.

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