Essay: Cost-Effective Interventions in Aids

17 Oct

Essay: Cost-Effective Interventions in Aids

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Despite the situation, drastic measures are required; the current programs are only looking for cost-effective interventions.  The patients who cannot afford the treatment or therapy sessions travel from clinic to clinic and pass out in the process.

In the book, Inequalities and infections, by Farmer, Dominique a twenty-year-old TB patient died because of lung failure after five month of infection.  Farmer noted that, “The pain of starting therapy too late does not diminish with experience.” (Farmer xiv).   Moreover, government medical clinics or organizations apply ill policies, ineffective treatments and drug distribution, which have no effect on the patient. This substandard health care leads to medical errors and reserving the disease resistant drugs for the “substantial fraction of the patients basically, those who can afford the price,” (Farmer xviii).  This is referred to as structural violence. Other various forms of structural violence that affect the HIV/AIDS spread are gender inequality, political upheaval, lack of access to treatment for STDs, lack of timely response by public health authorities, lack of culturally appropriate prevention tools. (Farmer 146)  The above are some of the factors that have put individuals and communities at the risk of HIV/AIDS infection and further spread.

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