Essay: Corina’s case of Aids

17 Oct

Essay: Corina’s case of Aids

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She was told by a physician that it was her fault as she did not complete her treatment, and that is why she did not go to the clinic earlier. Corina mentioned in the interview with Dr. Raul Garcia that she felt attacked and “scarred by her interactions with the health care system.”(Farmer192).

She felt that the doctor and staff at the clinics were impolite and they just labeled her noncompliant because of lack of sufficient funds to fund her medical needs.  Corina’s symptom worsened but she did not want to go back to that health center.  Her husband pleaded with her to go for treatment though he also did not want to go either, “because he didn’t want to be treated the way they had treated his mother.” (Farmer192). In the following, three years, Corina and Carlo suffered a lot.  She went back to health center seeking for better remedy.  However, she was assigned with the same ineffective drugs and some unidentified sample of drugs that caused severe life-threatening reaction for Corina.  Carlos tried to make ends meet but he could not afford the drugs.  Corina died in 1996, until her last breath, she was turned away from the emergency room as medics claimed, “we have nothing we can do.” (Farmer193)  Corina is only one of the many victims of structural violence in health care system in Africa.

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