Essay: Copyright Law in European Countries

12 Oct

Essay: Copyright Law in European Countries

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In most European countries, copyright law originated from concerted efforts by governments and the church to control and regulate the printing industry which was well established around 16th century Ghosemajumder (28). Printing had led to more rapid and widespread movement of information and ideas.

The governments were mostly concerned that if the printing presses continued unregulated, works of criticism and dissent would spread so fast leading to social disorder. This led to the licensing of the printing presses to print only certain works and not others (Lehman 62). This measure brings about the possibility that a person who, maybe with a mind to committing some form of violation of intellectual property rights may bypass such technological tools for protection, but can be prosecuted for those actions alone (Marybeth 43).

Another important proposal in the United States is to allow the copyright owners to take a variety of actions on their own against those who pirate their various items.

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