Essay: Controversies of Social Security

17 Oct

Essay: Controversies of Social Security

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Perhaps the most current controversies will show this claims that Social Securities are never viable among the citizens. One of such controversies is that the Social Securities contrast with those of private pensions.

This pulls the Social Securities far from the likeness of private pensions although to some extent there are often comparisons which have lately been termed as imperfect comparisons. The observation that the Social Security is a purely a social insurance and not as perceived to be a retirement plan clearly separated the Social Security from the private pensions. The Social Security plans engage in paying for the disability benefits while the private schemes do not do this (Gokhale, 2004). This shows that the two systems are very different from each other. Private pensions accumulate money which is paid into it and the reserve is used to pay the workers their pensions. Another difference it the private systems are not universal like the Social Securities.

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