Essay: Consumer Bank

17 Oct

Essay: Consumer Bank

Sample Essay

The consumer bank division provides traditional commercial banking services to customers in the US and globally. The division does this through maintenance of an extensive ATM networks locally and across the globe.  Additionally, financial lending services to clients like students, loans for housing and auto-financing.

Citigroup also offers and issues credit cards services MasterCard, American Express networks, Diners Club.  These credit card services have so far attracted over 120 million customers.

 However, the most recent achievement by 17th July, 2008 was commendable pointing out the managerial fight for better tomorrow of Citigroup when they revealed that they have been approved by a Chinese government to issue debt cards to china consumers. Encouragingly, by the year 2007 the china credit market transactions for Citigroup totaled to   was demonstrated by announcement that Citi will be roughly 13.5 billion, thus this approval could be a great opportunity to improve performance.

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