Essay: Constructionist Discussions on Gender Issues

5 Feb

Essay: Constructionist Discussions on Gender Issues

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Aside from this the constructionist solution would be to change the culture in the organization and the regions. This can be done by teaching children about gender equality at an early age. The students in professional business colleges should also be made to experience negative gender equality pertaining to the sex therefore giving all men and women an experience of how it can affect humans. From the essentialist point of view however the gender inequality can be solved by focusing not on the gender but on the efficiency of the person. The performance and the efficiency of the person should dictate the suitability of the candidate for the job, the level of pay that should be awarded to them as well as the promotion that it requires.

The above discussion has been able to conclude the points of view of the constructionists as well as the essentialists pertaining to the various issues to of gender inequality which are faced by the women in the workplace. Aside from this specific solutions for tackling the issues of gender inequality have been devised according to the different sources identified by the constructionists and the essentialism. These solutions are aimed at making both long term and short term reforms to eradicate inequality for the women as well as the men on the workplace.

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