Essay: Conserving the Environment through Green Technology

17 Oct

Essay: Conserving the Environment through Green Technology

Sample Essay

One of the most controversial debates in recent times is that of environment conservation. Many countries and regions have come up with different opinions and views on efforts directed at conserving the environment. These debates have gone as far as yielding disagreements and harsh exchanges of words between different states. A good example of such events was in the recently concluded environment conservation summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

According to Avato and Coony (2008, p. 47), the US has been accused by other countries especially those in Africa since 1990s for being responsible of the highest greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere resulting in a change in the global climate. The thesis of this paper is grounded upon how sustainable the green technology is in attempting to conserve the environment. Is it capable of establishing what environmentalist call cradle-to-cradle outfit rather than cradle to death? Does green technology encourage innovation? and if so, how viable are these innovations in creating environment friendly economies?. This paper presents the five forms of green technology and how they are used in environmental matters.

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