Essay: Conservation of Books

17 Oct

Essay: Conservation of Books

Sample Essay

For anything to have any long term impact to the lives of people there is need to make proper consideration to its expected and the actual lifespan. Books have been conserved in different formats and forms.

Libraries and government archives have been the greatest reservoirs that have been utilized in the conservation of books. Conservation of books plays an important role in ensuring that long after the authors of the books have pass on, the ideas they put into writing can still be accessed and then utilized in a number of forms. At times codes are assigned to the books in order to ensure that the reserved materials can be easily accessible for use. Sometimes are books totally destroyed in the world due to them being obsolete (Thompson 2005). However, there rare cases where books have been burned and all the evidence of the ideas and views of the author destroyed. This commonly happen in very controversial circumstances in which the ideas conveyed in the books causes a number of disagreements. Such circumstances are normally based on the political, racial perspectives, religious beliefs and practices, and cultural practices that tend to convey bias views of a given community or the entire society.

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