Essay: Conflict Resolution Strategies

17 Oct

Essay: Conflict Resolution Strategies

Sample Essay

For any conflicting situation there has to be a swift way out of it. The difference only comes in the appropriateness of the chosen strategy.

In human resources management there are a number of strategies which are oriented towards; avoiding, (Cândea 2008) compromising, collaboration, competing and accommodating the conflict that used to resolve conflict, but only a few are relevant to this case. 

The first strategy that can be used is the strategy oriented towards collaboration. Whereby it will support each party own interest or point of view and cooperation or satisfaction of the either needs in the view of obtaining an integrative solutions. This can satisfy the interests of all the parties involved in this conflict. This is because student has her interest of job search agony or anger, while Bob, John and recruitment team need to secure their jobs. Its more of the viable option though requires time, creativity, energy, patience and exercise.

The other option to be used to use the competition oriented strategy. This can come into use if the female student does not wish to collaborate. Therefore in that situation they both go ahead and use legal system to argue and justify their course of actions. This is because this strategy maximizes the weight of the own interest or point of view and minimize cooperation. Thus creating a strategy based on the win/loss or “winner-loser” that can have multiple negative consequences to either female student or Bob.

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