Essay: Conflict resolution skills

14 Oct

Essay: Conflict resolution skills

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Conflict resolution skills taught in schools provide students with power to creatively resolve conflicts that may cause fighting. Many schools in Indiana State have incorporated this component in teaching curriculum at all levels. The approach has positive effects in shaping the attitudes of the learners who are taught how to avoid violence and incorporate mediation in the..

Suspension refers to a seemingly a shorter removal of an errant student from school for a disciplinary infringement. Suspension tops the list of the most applied disciplinary procedures in schools nowadays (Wald & Losen, 2003). There has been a big disparity on the frequency of suspension among schools. A study in Indiana State reported that ten percent of local level schools as responsible for about fifty percent of all the suspension in the whole state (Skiba & Rausch, 2006). Expulsion involves several laid down procedures that seek to removal of an errant student for a longer period of time. It includes the involvement of a decision by a superintendent and the school board. Ten day is the most dividing limit between expulsion and suspension though a number of schools have been reported to suspend their students for a year or even longer than that (Skiba, Eaton, & Sotoo, 2004).  Suspension and expulsion are common at the middle and high schools as compared to the elementary schools. They are used more in urban schools than in rural schools. Consequently, boys were more prone to being suspended than girls (Skiba & Rausch, 2006).

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