Essay: Conflict Model Implementation Methodology

17 Oct

Essay: Conflict Model Implementation Methodology

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The choice of strategy to employ in conflict resolution and management is not sufficient to resolve the conflict. What matters is the procedure and implementation processes.

This is core to determining the success of the conflict resolution and effective conflict management. Having known this, it is vital for the proper implementation procedure to be used to enhance a great finishing of the whole deal.

Therefore in order to actualize resolving this conflict, the following are core implementation methodology. The implementation methodologies that should be followed should be; diagnosing the problem of the conflict to determine the dimension (Kramer 2001)and the class where it fall critically. For this case this is an interest closely combine with value based conflict. The second step involves the initiation of the of the dialogue. Whereby the two conflicting parties are brought to a talk. After which active listening plays a critical role in the inn the success of the negotiations. After negotiation the players in the conflict should implement the strategy choice. Therefore at this phase implementation shall entirely depend upon the direction gained from negotiation. However the difficulty usually arises when the disputing parties refuses to negotiate. Then it will imply that competitive strategy to be employed.

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