Essay: Conflict Classification

17 Oct

Essay: Conflict Classification

Sample Essay

In order to resolve the conflict, conflict definition and categorization precedes its solving. Therefore to identify the category under which the conflict falls is of great help towards resolving it to get john out of it as it is his desire. The conflict can be said to arise from misperception of the behaviour that was expressed at the university. Conflict such that are rooted in the behaviour misperception are classified under value based conflicts.

In this case the type of conflict that is bound to se solved is value based conflict. This is whereby; a conflict is caused by a perceived or actual incompatible belief system which people use to give meaning to their life. These are the values that explain what is right or wrong, just or unjust and good or bad. Differing values of the individuals do not necessary need to cause a conflict (Schafer 1999). The conflicts usually occurs when the persons attempt to force one set of values on others or lay claim to exclusive value systems that do not allow for divergent beliefs of other people’s system of the belief.

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