Essay: The Concept of Nationalism

17 Oct

Essay: The Concept of Nationalism

Sample Essay

Despite the fact that the concept of nationalism had tremendous effect in the past, it remains a force to recon even during the 21st century. Most global events have in one way or the other been influenced by nationalism leading to different outcomes that range from social, political to economic in different parts of the globe. Leaders have always emphasized on the need to well build nations to ensure stability in the world, a fact that has ignited fierce conflicts in some regions in the world. However, nationalism as a concept in today’s world is loosing ground based on current events and history.

The most recent wars have resulted from the feeling of many nations that they can do things the way they want without any interference from any quota (Bartelson, 2006, p.378). This fact is better demonstrated by the ongoing fighting in the middle east where despite many analyst citing religion as the main cause of this wars, nationalism evidently portray itself as the major cause hampering any attempts to globalize the world.

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