Essay: The Concept of Competence in HRM Practices

17 Oct

Essay: The Concept of Competence in HRM Practices

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To sum up the paper, the discussion has looked on the aspect that relates to the competencies needed for UAE to better perform. In the HRM practices, the concept of competence remains one of the most diffuse term in the organizational, occupational and production literature. Whenever the term competency is applied in HRM literature the outstanding question remains the meaning rather than the existence of competencies necessary to produce for an organization. The paper has defined competency as a set of skills that an individual must possess in order to be capable of satisfactorily performing a specified task, in order to realize organizational objectives and goals.

Furthermore, the paper has discussed the formulated the link between competence to perform and competency; in this linking, the paper has identified that competency is personal ‑­

skills or how the individual behaves and personal characteristic such as knowledge, motives, role and traits. On the other hand competence is what an employee is required to do the job activities or tasks. The interconnectedness between these two correlated functions of HRM should lead to performance of the individual. Additionally, the model has been discussed and implementation looked at in relation to the UAE context.

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