Essay: The Competency Model for HR

17 Oct

Essay: The Competency Model for HR

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The Competency model in HRM attempts to explain and theorize employees who perform more effectively a given job. However, the point of contention remains greatly on the methodologies used to determine competencies to be used in the competency based modeling. On this issue, Dubois (2008), states appropriate methodologies used to determine competencies for the competent model.

These methodologies are: the resources available, depending on the goals of the analysis, the desired degree of accuracy and other contingencies. Among all these methodologies used to arrive at the competencies applied in designing the model, the most used and proved to reliable as reported by various scholars is the competency analysis for research purposes. Through use of analysis, it produces two main competencies outcomes that are used in the in this model.

These two sets of competencies outcomes are: differentiating competencies that apply only to superior performers. And secondly are the threshold competencies which apply to both superior and average performers. In addition to that the model encompasses different categories of competencies required for successful HRM competency management. One such fundamental competency required is the job competency. Job competence incorporates: single job competency that focuses on one job; “one-size-fits-all” competency that defines a set of competencies for a broad range of jobs; “multiple jobs” competency that defines a set of competencies believed to be common to all jobs. On this note, single job competencies are more accurate but less general creating an existence of a trade off between model accuracy and model generalizability (Hamel Prahalad 2000; Mirabile 1985).

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