Essay: Competence Performance Approach

11 Oct

Essay: Competence Performance Approach

Sample Essay

Competence performance approach in organizations is a tenet of Competency Management found on the premise that competencies as the underlying characteristics of human beings predict performance in a number of concrete situations. The resultant review from the literature however suggests that there is no clear pathway described for a competent model most organizations employ in managing competency in their workforces. It should be noted that competence performance approach in HRM is a psychological framework derived from Knowledge Space theory.

In this respect, competency performance approach in human resources management practices   is based on a formalization of human competencies and performance within a set theoretical context. Therefore, the essence of the approach is to establish prerequisite relations on the set of competencies and performances, in order to allow for adaptive and efficient assessment. Additionally, the structures that can be derived from competencies and performances relations can also be interpreted as formalizing teach (Dubois, 2008) paths on the competence and performance level. And finally, basing on the fact that Competence Performance framework for the organization is built on explicitly mapping the relationship of competencies to performance; therefore, the competence management approach can be easily integrated into actual work processes within an organization.

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