Essay: Comparing America’s crime rate with other countries

12 Oct

Essay: Comparing America’s crime rate with other countries

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The manner in which America’s crime rate compared to other developed countries depends on the nature of the crime used in the comparison (Fosdick and Raymond 1920). Overall crime statistic comparisons are difficult to conduct, as the definition of crimes significant enough to be published in annual reports varies across countries (Krug, Powell and Dahlberg 1998). This is to say that an agency in a foreign country may however include crimes in its annual reports which the United States does leave out. Some countries such as that of Canada, however, have comparable meaning of what make up a violent crime, and virtually all countries had the same description of the distinctiveness that constitutes a homicide (US Bureau of Justice Statistics 2004).

 The crime rate is measured by the number of the offenses being reported per 100,000 people. While the crime rate had sharply risen in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, and breaking the records during much of the 1980s. However it has declined steeply since 1993. Many Americans suggests a causal link between legalized abortion and the drop in crime during the 1990s (Cathy and Patsy 2006). Another argument sometimes suggested is the introduction of the Three Strikes Law, which was first passed by Washington state in 1993,which provided the felony offenders who committed a third offence receive life imprisonment. Other states that passed Three Strikes Laws include Colorado, Connecticut, California, Indiana, Kansas, North Dakota, Nevada, Arkansas, Georgia, and Maryland. Investigate has not bear out this assumption on the other hand.

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